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Driving the automotive industry forward with advanced technologies, electrification, and sustainable mobility solutions.

We provide comprehensive solutions for industrial automotive and public transport sectors. Our expertise ranges from fleet management, vehicle maintenance, and advanced telematics solutions to ensure operational efficiency, safety, and compliance with industry regulations.

At DGC Global, we are committed to driving innovation and excellence in the transportation industry. Partner with us to enhance industrial and public transportation, bring your vehicle concepts to life, and elevate your assembly processes with precision and efficiency.


Efficiently move goods and materials with our industrial transport solutions. DGC Global offers a comprehensive range of logistics services, from planning and optimization to execution, ensuring smooth and cost-effective transportation of goods within industrial settings. Trust us to streamline your supply chain and enhance operational efficiency.


Transform public mobility with our public transport solutions. DGC Global specializes in designing and implementing sustainable and reliable public transportation systems that cater to the needs of communities. Experience safe, efficient, and environmentally friendly public transport options that enhance connectivity and improve quality of life.


Experience the future of transportation with our cutting-edge bus solutions. DGC Global provides innovative and customizable buses that incorporate the latest technologies, offering comfort, efficiency, and safety. Join us in shaping the future of urban and intercity transportation with our state-of-the-art bus solutions.


Empower your logistics operations with our dependable truck solutions. DGC Global offers a wide range of trucks designed to meet various cargo transportation needs, from heavy-duty applications to last-mile delivery. Trust our robust and reliable trucks to optimize your transportation efficiency and meet customer demands.


Transform your ideas into reality with our prototyping services. DGC Global combines advanced technologies and skilled expertise to bring your concepts to life. From rapid prototyping to functional testing, we help you refine your designs and accelerate your product development process.


Experience efficient vehicle assembly with DGC Global. We provide comprehensive vehicle assembly services, ensuring precision, quality, and timely delivery. Our state-of-the-art facilities and skilled workforce enable us to handle vehicle assembly projects of varying complexities with utmost professionalism.


Build the foundation of your vehicles with our chassis and axle assembly solutions. DGC Global specializes in assembling durable and reliable chassis and axles, designed to withstand demanding conditions. Trust our expertise to deliver superior quality assemblies that form the backbone of your vehicles.