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Oil and Gas

Offering comprehensive solutions for the oil and gas sector, from exploration and production to refining and distribution, while prioritizing environmental responsibility.

Our oil and gas services cover exploration, production, refining, and distribution. With a strong focus on safety, efficiency, and environmental stewardship, we deliver end-to-end solutions to support the energy needs of individuals and industries worldwide.

We are dedicated to delivering comprehensive solutions for LPG, CNG, and LNG applications. From equipment and storage to transport, handling, dispensers, turnkey solutions, engineering, and metering systems, we provide the expertise and technology to meet your fuel needs. Partner with us for sustainable fuel solutions that drive efficiency, reduce emissions, and contribute to a cleaner future.


Harness the power of clean energy with our LPG, CNG, and LNG solutions. DGC Global specializes in providing reliable and efficient systems for liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), compressed natural gas (CNG), and liquefied natural gas (LNG) applications. From fueling stations to industrial use, our solutions promote sustainability and reduce carbon emissions, ensuring a greener and more sustainable future.


Ensure safe and efficient handling of fuels with our cutting-edge equipment and storage solutions. DGC Global offers a wide range of high-quality equipment and storage systems, including tanks, cylinders, pumps, valves, and safety devices. Our solutions are designed to meet industry standards, ensuring the integrity and security of fuel storage and distribution.


Efficiently transport fuels with our reliable and secure transport solutions. DGC Global provides a fleet of specialized vehicles and logistics services tailored to the transportation of LPG, CNG, and LNG. With a focus on safety and timely delivery, we ensure that your fuels reach their destination with optimal efficiency.


Experience seamless fuel handling and dispensing with our advanced solutions. DGC Global offers a range of handling and dispenser systems for LPG, CNG, and LNG applications. Our solutions are designed to ensure accurate and safe fuel dispensing, whether for commercial or residential use, providing convenience and peace of mind.


Streamline your fuel infrastructure projects with our comprehensive turnkey solutions. DGC Global offers end-to-end project management and implementation services, covering design, engineering, procurement, construction, installation, and commissioning of LPG, CNG, and LNG facilities. Our expertise and experience ensure successful project execution, delivering fully functional and efficient fuel systems.


Rely on our engineering expertise to design and optimize your fuel systems. DGC Global provides engineering services for LPG, CNG, and LNG projects, including feasibility studies, conceptual design, detailed engineering, and regulatory compliance. Our engineering solutions are tailored to meet specific requirements, ensuring efficient and safe fuel operations.


Ensure accurate measurement and control of fuel with our advanced metering systems. DGC Global offers precise and reliable metering solutions for LPG, CNG, and LNG applications. Our metering systems enable accurate billing, inventory management, and process control, enhancing operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness.