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drive sustainable success

with DGC Global Holding, a leading force in driving innovation and transformation across industries.


Streamlining supply chains and optimizing logistics operations through innovative strategies and digital solutions.

Through our waste recycling and logistics services, we contribute to sustainable waste management practices. We offer efficient collection, sorting, and recycling solutions to minimize environmental impact and promote the circular economy.

At DGC Global, we understand the importance of efficient and reliable logistics solutions. Partner with us for time-critical delivery, temperature-controlled transport, streamlined warehousing and distribution, efficient air and ocean freight, and hassle-free customs and clearance services. We are committed to delivering your goods with utmost care and efficiency.


When time is of the essence, trust DGC Global for time-critical delivery solutions. We specialize in swift and efficient transportation services, ensuring your urgent shipments reach their destinations on time. With our dedicated team and reliable network, we prioritize speed and reliability to meet your critical delivery needs.


Preserve the integrity of your temperature-sensitive goods with our airconditioned transport services. DGC Global provides controlled environment transportation solutions, maintaining optimal temperatures throughout the journey. From perishable items to pharmaceuticals, our airconditioned transport ensures your goods arrive in pristine condition.


Optimize your supply chain with our warehousing and distribution services. DGC Global offers secure and well-equipped warehouses strategically located to facilitate efficient storage and distribution of your goods. Our advanced inventory management systems and streamlined processes ensure accurate and timely order fulfillment.


Experience the speed and efficiency of air freight with DGC Global. We offer reliable air transportation services, connecting you to global markets with speed and precision. From small parcels to large cargo, our air freight solutions ensure your goods reach their destinations swiftly and securely.


Unlock the vast potential of ocean freight with DGC Global. We provide comprehensive ocean transportation services, handling both Full Container Loads (FCL) and Less than Container Loads (LCL). With our global network and expertise, we offer cost-effective and reliable solutions for your international shipping needs.


Navigate the complexities of customs and clearance with ease. DGC Global offers comprehensive customs brokerage and clearance services, ensuring compliance with customs regulations and seamless movement of goods across borders. Trust our experienced team to handle the intricacies of customs procedures, saving you time and minimizing delays.