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Waste Recycling

Driving the circular economy through innovative waste management and recycling solutions, reducing environmental impact and promoting sustainability.

Through our expertise in urban waste management, infrastructure development, recycling, and waste-to-energy solutions, DGC Global is dedicated to creating a sustainable future. Join us in our mission to optimize waste management practices, promote recycling, and harness the potential of waste as a valuable resource. Together, we can build cleaner and more resilient cities.


Transforming urban waste into sustainable solutions. At DGC Global, we offer comprehensive urban waste management services to help cities and communities effectively handle their waste. From waste collection and sorting to disposal and recycling, our solutions are designed to minimize environmental impact, promote resource efficiency, and create a cleaner and healthier urban environment.


Building the foundation for efficient waste management systems. DGC Global specializes in the development and construction of urban waste infrastructure, including waste treatment plants, recycling facilities, and waste-to-energy facilities. Our expertise lies in creating integrated and sustainable waste management solutions that optimize waste handling, reduce landfill waste, and promote circular economy practices.


Unlocking the value of waste through recycling. DGC Global is committed to promoting recycling as a key component of sustainable waste management. We provide comprehensive recycling solutions for various materials, including paper, plastics, metals, and more. By implementing efficient recycling processes, we contribute to resource conservation, waste reduction, and the creation of a circular economy.


Harnessing the energy potential of waste. DGC Global offers cutting-edge waste-to-energy turbines that convert waste materials into valuable energy sources. Our turbines utilize advanced technology to transform organic waste or non-recyclable waste into electricity or heat. By generating clean and renewable energy from waste, we contribute to reducing reliance on fossil fuels and mitigating greenhouse gas emissions.